Winter Care Tips

Winter Care Tips

As winter gently touches the Sunshine Coast, our pups tend to need a little less grooming, however they shouldn’t be completely neglected.

You pup can suffer from the following conditions in Winter:

  1. Dry skin resulting in itchiness
  2. Dry fur
  3. Matted fur from less grooming resulting in heat loss
  4. Overheating from jumpers
  5. Depression from not as many outdoor adventures

Step 1

We recommend a Full Groom Pamper at the beginning of Autumn to cope with last few hot days of summer.  Our new organic Dr Bronner’s wash is beautifully moisturising and helps to maintain the balance of their natural oils.

Keep their home baths during this time to a minimum so that their natural oils are self managed.

Step 2

Regular brushing will help keep the shedding down to a minimum and also help to stimulate natural oil production, and the removal of dead skin.

Step 3

Feed some great supplements such as bone broth, fish oil, sardines and the occasional egg.

These tips will help keep their skin healthy, their coats shiny, and the winter dry down to a minimum.

Step 4

Follow up with an end of Autumn Mini Groom Pamper.  This will ensure that any matting is kept to a minimum and that your fur baby can maintain their own body temp.

Step 5

If you have a great jumper for your pooch make sure that he isn’t left in it all day, and preferably only in the wind or extreme cold.  Blankets in his bed are a better option than jumpers as he can snuggle under them to keep warm, and stick a leg out if he’s getting too hot.  Whereas he can’t get away from a jumper.  They are super cute, but they can be very detrimental to their health.

Step 6

Finally, those cold winter days don’t just get us down.  Your pooch can get depressed too.  Make sure that you continue to give him a good amount of exercise, and if it isn’t as much as usual then book in for a Magnesium Spa Pamper to help perk him up a bit.

Step 7

Finally, we recommend finishing off Winter with a luxurious Full Groom Pamper just in time for a fresh start to Spring.


We value your pets’ comfort in the cooler months as much as in the warmer ones.

Vanity Fur’s Spa Pamper is a lovely warm spa treatment for your pooch.  We dry them off using our heated towels and a warm blow dry.  There is no drip drying and near freezing their tails off while locked in cages at Vanity Fur.


We are offering a special Autumn Pamper Package in celebration of taking on Afterpay that will make managing your Pooch’s winter grooms simpler and cheaper.

Check it out:

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