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Vanity Fur has been the Sunshine Coast’s premier provider of Dog Grooming Services since our grand opening in 2017. Our objective is to provide the ultimate in grooming services to you for your fur baby. We are continually evaluating our clients (and their owner’s) needs and seek to improve both the quality of our grooms and the other services that we provide.

At Vanity Fur, we offer an Exclusive, Stress Free, Professional Grooming  for your pooch or pair of pooches.

Why us?

Exclusivity means that your dog or dogs are the only ones in the salon during their service*.

They have 100% of our attention and care.  There are no cages here, not for locking your dog in, and we certainly don’t shove them into a cage to drip dry after their bath.

Your dogs are continually handled by us from the beginning of their service until they are finished and beautiful, at which time they then have the run of our salon and are free to play, lap up a drink or take a quick power nap while they wait for you to collect them.

Organic care.  We understand that keeping your pooch chemical free is a priority for many of you.  2019 has seen us begin to transition to a chemical free environment both for the care of your pooch and in our salon in general.  With so many allergies and product sensitivities on the rise in pets as well as people, our priority is to ensure that how we treat your dog only improves their wellbeing rather than creating or further adding to any existing problems.

Great care has been taken to ensure that the products we use are organic, chemical free and sourced from certified Fair Trade ingredients.  We’re confident that you will love them for yourselves as much as your dogs do.

Stress Free. Exclusivity helps to keep your pooch stress free during their visit.  However the new smells, separation from one’s owner and the noise of the bath and dryer can still cause your pup a bit of anxiety.

Our priority over and above an outstanding groom is your dog’s state of mind.

We have our own secret blend of magic potions that we use to help relax your dog once in our salon.

We are firm but gentle and attentive to their needs and reactions during their groom.

We talk to them helping them to understand that Vanity can be an enjoyable experience, once they relax.

Professional Grooming means that our staff are all highly trained, creative and very experienced groomers.  Our tools are well maintained and we are always striving to improve our skills and the materials used.
Going the extra mile. We don’t want you to leave Vanity Fur with just a snazzy hair cut and a fresh smell.  We want your pooches’ grooming experience to be one that is enjoyable for both of you.  We offer everything from a free coffee with Pamper* to late night and extended trading hours that suit your schedule, to extra services like parasite management and teeth brushing.

* On the odd occasion there may be crossover with a previous appointment if the owner is late picking up their dog or dogs.  We really appreciate people being punctual with your pickup times in order to help us to continue to offer this service

We actually like dogs!

Our Services

Bath Pamper
My Bath Pamper consists of a nice warm hydro-bath with shampoo and conditioner then blow-dryed and finished with cologne.

Organic chemical free shampoo is an optional extra with booking.

Mini Groom Pamper
Our Mini Groom Pamper consists of trimming hair around eyes, belly clip, hygiene clip, hair between pads clipped, rounded or poodle feet, Bath Pamper and blow dry and finished with cologne. Organic chemical free bath pamper optionally available.
Full Groom Pamper
A full groom pamper consists of a pre clip , Bath Pamper, blow dry, finish clip and cologne.

Optional Organic chemical free bath pamper available.  Upgrade your service to include the works with an ear clean and nail trim


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