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Professional grooming

We invite you to try our exclusive professional grooming for your pups and dogs!

Professional grooming is not only a stylish way to present your dog, our grooming also assists you to maintain coat, skin, nails and teeth.

Spa Pamper

Our luxurious Spa Pamper consists of a beautifully warm hydro bath,

shampoo, conditioner and a deep massage that gets right to the roots of your pooch’s fur, removing all traces of sand, dirt, and excess oil without stripping their natural oils from their body.

This is followed by a warm blow dry and a thorough groom, removing all knots, matting and loose hairs, finished with cologne for a fresh smelling pooch.

Mini Groom Pamper

Our Mini Groom Pamper consists of a tidy trim around you pooch’s eyes, a belly clip, hygiene clip, hair between pads clipped, rounded or poodle feet and a pedi nail clip.

We follow this with our luxurious Spa Pamper bath complete with warm blow dry and finished with cologne.

Full Groom Pamper

Our Full Groom Pamper consists of a pre clip, gentle ear clean, and nail trim.

Followed with our luxurious Spa Pamper, warm blow dry, finish clip or ultimate breed clip and cologne.

Optional Services

Organic Spa Pamper

We are very pleased to be able to offer Dr Bronner’s Pure Organic Castille Soap in with multiple scents for your pooch, in order to provide him or her with a chemical free alternative. The Castille soap will leave your pooch feeling soft and well conditioned and is a great alternative if he or she has sensitive skin. Choose from multiple scents outlined below.

  • Unscented
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Sandlewood and Jasmine

Magnesium Spa Pamper

Give your pooch the ultimate pamper with a Magnesium Spa Pamper. Magnesium Chloride Salts are added to the bath and your pooch gets to stand in them for 15 minutes of bliss.  Magnesium is readily absorbed through the paws and helps your pooch relax and regenerate their energies.

Organic Parasite Management

Our Diatomaceous Earth (DE) application for your pooch post Pamper will have any and all external parasites running for the hills.

DE is a time honoured method of keeping your pet pest free, and protects against fleas, ticks and lice as well as a number of other pesky parasites.  We give a thorough application after your pooches Pamper which will last for up to three weeks, until he goes swimming or has another bath.  Chemical free, and organic your pooch won’t have a nasty reaction to this flea treatment.

Oral Tooth and Gum Cleanse

Does your dog’s breath smell? Our Dental clean consists of brushing your dogs teeth gums and general mouth area with a sterile reusable specially designed doggy toothbrush and beautiful natural toothpaste from the Natural Vets at Forest Glen.

Please be aware that whilst this service will help in cleaning bacteria from your dogs mouth it is not a substitute for correct feeding, and regular dental checks.

Did you know that mouth odour in dogs is NOT normal?! Just as you and I brush our teeth twice daily, floss regularly (if we are doing what we should!) and visit our dentist at least once a year, our pet’s teeth also need proper care. Brushing your dog’s teeth is the GOLD STANDARD for keeping their mouth healthy and smelling sweet.

Dental disease can cause or contribute to many other health issues and so keeping your pet’s mouth disease-free is essential if they are to experience optimal health.

The magical ingredients in our Dog’s Breath Toothpaste include Myrrh essential oil, together with clove oil and a blend of synergistic essential oils.  Myrrh aids in the healing of tooth and gum infections, while clove oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to fight infection and mouth odour. The oils are blended into a base of coconut oil with abrasive and cleansing bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth.  Because of the coconut oil base, most pets love the taste too!

When used on a regular basis as an adjunct to a healthy raw diet and regular bone chewing, our Dog’s Breath Toothpaste will have your dog’s breath smelling fresh and their teeth sparkling in no time!

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