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What makes your salon special?

Our exclusivity, our ultimate concern for your dogs health and wellbeing and the fact that we actually like dogs!

Could I get grooming for a puppy?

Yes we offer mini grooms for puppies from second vaccination and we encourage this to get your pup used to grooming and the noises of the salon.for a puppy.

We offer full grooms from 5 months of age.  Puppies’ coats should not be clipped any younger than this as they can incur permanent damage to their fur.

Please understand that puppies can stress with their first groom, for many reasons; they are away from their loved ones, they are in a strange place, in the care of stranger, and there is noisy blowing equipment and sharp objects flying around their face.  Sounds terrifying doesn’t it.

We take our time.  We ensure that they are relaxed and comfortable so that they don’t become scarred for life from a bad grooming experience, and we provide our own special blend of magic to keep them calm and relaxed.

This costs a little extra the first time around but it sets your pooch up for a happy salon experience with us for the rest of its life.

Can we get a free consultation?

You are welcome to bring your dog by for us to have a good look at him or her and give an estimate price.  However if your dog is aggressive during grooming or terrified from a previous experience the groom will take longer and this will cost you more.  The best approach is to give us as much information as you can about their personality and prior grooming experience so that we can accurately quote you and make the groom a pleasant experience for all.

Do you make home visits?

Unfortunately we are not a mobile service.  Offering an instore service allows us to keep our prices low and provide consistency of service to you and your pooch.

My girl is in season can I bring her in?

Whilst we don’t have a strict policy on this, it isn’t the most pleasant experience for a groomer to have to deal with the blood involved in a season.  We would appreciate it if you could wait until the end of your girl’s season to bring her in, or at least make a note of her condition when booking.

My dog has fleas can he get groomed?

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What are the prices?

Our grooming is based on an hourly rate and our prices start from $25 for a small dog bath pamper.  If your dog is exceptionally dirty, matted or exceptionally hairy, please expect to be charged more.  We want to do an outstanding job for you and when the dog is extra dirty it just takes longer.  We will do our best to provide an accurate quote on meeting your dog.

What does your tooth brushing involve

Our tooth brushing service involves a firm but gentle brush of your dogs teeth and gums with a specially designed doggy toothbrush and a wonderful toothpaste produced by the Natural Vets.  This is not a veterinarian dental clean, and if your dog has tarter and plaque please do not expect our simple tooth brushing to resolve this or all of his dental problems.  It is not a replacement for proper food and dental care.

What information do I need to give?

We require your mobile telephone, your email address, your name, your pet’s name and your address.  All of this information is stored in our secure database and is used purely for us to service you better and to keep a history of your purchases with us and the care that we have provided to your dog.  We also need as much history about your dog as you can give us, are they friendly, educated, well behaved, timid, aggressive?  All of the above helps us provide a better experience for your dog

What kind of animals do you care for?

We care for dogs.  Unfortunately we are unable to service cats in our salon, however we do offer a great range of cat food.

What is your privacy policy?

Our full privacy policy is located at https://vanityfurdogsalon.com.au/privacy

Contact Info
1 Tolman Court, Maroochydore, QLD 4558
Mon-Fri: 8:45am to 4:45pm
Sat: 9am to 5pm
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